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Charity that supports adult learning

A day out making apple juice

Set up in 1993 – the main objective of Camtrust is to offer training for adults with learning disabilities. We give our clients better opportunities when it comes to living independently and gaining employment, whether it is paid or voluntary. Our clients are aged from 18 years upwards and the courses are open to all.

Camtrust is unique, with the programme carried out within a commercial print and design environment. It is a very happy and relaxed atmosphere where the clients can make friends and develop many skills.

The commercial activity complements the programme as each client is encouraged to actively engage in customer service, giving them valuable hands-on experience, and at the same time building their confidence and self-esteem and developing necessary life-skills.

Camtrust is community-driven and has a partnership with the local community café to offer work experience to its clients. Its design and print studio also offers quality services at not-for-profit prices to local groups, charities and small businesses. Apart from the modest revenue from the print and design studio, Camtrust is self-financing, having to raise the funds for all running costs. We rely on local fundraising and grants to cover these.

The trustees are working to increase the level of income to be able to provide for the current and the future needs of Camtrust. They would be very pleased to hear from anyone interested in helping in this area, or in becoming a trustee.

To find out more about how you can help Camtrust to provide these opportunities for the future, see Get Involved.

Camtrust has been operating since 1993. To read about how it started and the ups and downs along the way click here.

Our team

Volunteering in Cambridgeshire - Fundraising Cambridge We need volunteer graphic designer, volunteer administration staff, volunteer accountants …

Volunteering, Fundraising, becoming a Friend of Camtrust or being a Corporate Partner or a Trustee are all ways in which you can make a real difference to the sustainability of the work Camtrust does to give adults with disabilities the chance to develop their life skills and to enhance their well-being through greater social inclusion.

What our clients say

Camtrust is the place where you can achieve if you believe. If you wish on a star then you will go far. I feel I can be myself at Camtrust. I love going to the community café whilst at Camtrust it gives me great experience with members of the public serving teas, coffees, cakes, toasted sandwiches and soups. I get to go singing at Bramley court fortnightly and I like going shopping with Steve for ingredients for lunch club. Everyone is really friendly.

Martin, 15/01/ 2018

I like coming to Camtrust because I like to go singing on Mondays at Bramley Court and working on the computer. On Thursday we have lunch club which I especially enjoy, along with all the other activities with my friends.

Paul, 15/01/ 2018


I come to CAMTRUST because I can use the computer. I also enjoy being able to cook in a safe environment. I enjoy meeting new people. I enjoy helping at the monthly pop up sales.
I enjoy being with all of the people who work here who are friendly and helpful.
I enjoy going out on trips to learn new things such as how apple juice is made. We met the person who owns and runs a fruit farm.

Neil, 15/01/ 2018


I enjoy coming to Camtrust because I can spend time with my friends. I also enjoy working on my computer skills, helping Len fix the bikes and on Thursdays we cook our own lunch.

Michael, 15/01/ 2018


I come to Camtrust because it’s great, the staff have been fantastic since I returned back in 2015. Some of my client mates are awesome to hang around. I enjoy ICT and PowerPoint presentations.

My future-To continue with my acting as I love it. I have been part of a drama group since Spring 2015 called Cambridge Amateur Drama Group.

I have been in two productions, the first one in Spring 2016 which was a comedy called “The Internet is a Distract….oh look, a kitten” which we did back to back and the second one we did was called “The Man From Earth” which was only one show in mid-summer 2016 which was a drama. This play was made into a film.

Francisco, 15/01/ 2018

I like coming to Camtrust because I like the people and the staff especially Steve who is the best.
I love doing Maths because I enjoy using numbers and learning more about them.
I also enjoy ICT, making PowerPoint presentations. I have done them on musicals, the Rio Olympics and the Euros.

Kirk, 15/01/ 2018


I have been coming to Camtrust for a number of years and I love it. I like the people they are nice and they help me. I do IT as I like working on the computer and I like helping Steve with the cooking for lunch club.
I like to go to the community cafe for work experience and I like the monthly pop up sale.I have a book and a Dvd Stall, this helps me with money Skills and Speaking to the public, its great. 

Jim, 15/01/ 2018


I love coming to Camtrust because all the staff and students are friendly I like making new friends here at Camtrust. I enjoy working on computers and try helping others if I can. I enjoy making cakes for our pop-up sale what we have every month at the Histon Methodist church on a Tuesday. On a Wednesdays I enjoy going down to the café at the Methodist church in Histon helping the staff in the kitchen doing the washing up etc. Every Wednesday at Camtrust we do art and craft making all different things.

Cathie, 15/01/ 2018

I like coming to Camtrust because: You get good company with friends and staff. You can have lots of fun with games like uno. You can learn different things bikes, maths and budgeting. you get to do some cooking. I like talking about football with my friends because I like the rivalry of the teams people support.

Jamie, 15/01/ 2018