Impressions of a Volunteer – Volunteering in Cambridgeshire

Early in December I was on my way home from the Co-op, when I had good luck to spot an interesting jumble sale at the Methodist Church Hall in the High Street. Being a meanie I bought half my Christmas presents there, (there was some good stuff actually) and in a conversation with Gill, it was stressed to me that this wasn’t any old jumble sale, but a pop up sale on behalf of Camtrust.

We chatted for a while and talked about the job a volunteer for Camtrust does. It seemed similar to work I used to do for a charity during the 90s and after Christmas and New Year had passed, I went to Camtrust one Tuesday morning and was made to feel very welcome by everyone. I came in the following Tuesday and had a marvellous day. The only problem as far as the students were concerned was that I was a Manchester City supporter, upsetting Martin (West Ham United supporter), Kirk (Manchester United supporter), Vito (Tottenham Hotspur supporter), Neil (Cambridge United supporter), Jim (Manchester United Supporter) and Cathie (who hates any conversation about football!

So we all got on really well! I was made to feel welcome by everyone and have really enjoyed coming in every Tuesday since, being severely beaten in the early morning games of Uno, much to Kirk and Jim’s amusement, taught how to use Word on the computer by Neil, helping wherever I can, especially at the last pop up sale in March.

Recently I received the final accolade to indicate that I was part of the Camtrust community. Kirsten makes everyone, students and staff, their own laminated coaster with details of how they like their drinks and I was really happy one morning to find in the coaster pot:- Peter – Tea, White no Sugar – Coffee, White no Sugar! So now you know!

Life’s great, come and join and support us, whoever you are!

Peter Pennington

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