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About us

We currently tutor fifteen students over a four-day week teaching a variety of courses ranging from entry level Certificate in Skills for Working Life to ITQ and NVQ. Teaching takes place using the smartboard and each student has a computer station to work at. The development of social skills is an important part of the daily life of Camtrust.

  • Camtrust operates as a workplace environment with a fully-equipped IT suite.
  • Specialised equipment is provided if required.
  • The students work as a team, e.g. they take turns in making coffee, and sit down together at their breaktimes.
  • The students often help each other to sort out IT problems.
  • The atmosphere is warm and friendly but well structured.
  • The students all have clear goals to achieve in their work.
  • Customers call in regarding printing services, which gives students experience in customer service.

Camtrust has been operating since 1993. To read about how it started and the ups and downs along the way click here.

What the Students say about Camtrust

‘I have learnt to use different types of office equipment, such as binding, laminating and photocopying machines. I have learnt a lot about customer service and how you have to treat your customers with respect’ - Justin

‘Since I have been at Camtrust I have learnt how to use Word and Powerpoint presentation software. I have also designed my own greeting cards’ - Indra

‘Everyone wants to be treated like an adult and be accepted, regardless of where they come from. At Camtrust you are treated like a grown up by both tutors and other students. I would recommend this place to anyone’ - Marcia

‘What makes Camtrust special is that it gives people with disabilites and learning difficulties a chance to work in an office-type environment, it has given me the skills needed to be ready for paid employment’ - Adam

‘When I first came to Camtrust I was as quiet as a mouse and now they can’t stop me from talking’ - Liz

‘I have learnt a lot more computer skills since I have been at Camtrust, it is a very friendly place and a great way to make new friends’ - Dominic

‘Since I have been at Camtrust my social skills have improved. I have gained qualifications in NVQ and CLAIT’ - Paul

‘What makes Camtrust special, is the learning atmosphere, it is relaxed and friendly and you are given all the help, advice and support you need’ - Cathy

Email: camtrust@btconnect.com
Tel: 01223 236786

22 Cambridge Road
Cambridge CB24 9NU

A Camtrust student

A Camtrust student

Class of 2008

Class of 2008

Jumbo keypad

Jumbo keypad