About Us

About us

Our Trust Deed was incorporated in 1993 and the main objective of Camtrust is to offer training for independent living for adults with disabilities. Our clients are aged from 18 years upwards and the programmes are open to all.

The majority of clients come to us on day placements via the County Council’s Learning Disability Partnership and some are self-funded. Camtrust relies on extra funds from grants and local fundraising to help cover costs.

Camtrust is community-driven and has a partnership with the local community café to offer work experience. Its design and print studio also offers quality services to the local community, charities and small businesses and the charity is also supported by its bicycle refurbishment and resale project.

What our clients say

I like coming to Camtrust and I enjoy all the activities with my friends. On Thursdays we have Lunch Club which I really like and I also enjoy working on the computers and doing maths.


I enjoy coming to Camtrust because I can spend time with my friends. I also enjoy gardening and working on my computer skills. On Thursdays we help with the cooking at Lunch Club.


I come to Camtrust because it’s great and the staff are fantastic. Some of my client mates are awesome to hang around. I enjoy ICT and PowerPoint presentations.

– Francisco